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Acknowledgements & Attributions

DEDA is developed by the Utrecht Data School of Utrecht University.

Concept and development: Aline Franzke, MA
Supervision: Mirko Tobias Schäfer, Ph.D.
Commissioned by: Gemeente Utrecht
Design: Redmar Fransen
Illustration: Sammy Hemerik

© Utrecht Data School, Utrecht University 2017 DEDA – Version 1.0 March 2017


Developing the Data Ethics Decision Aid would not have been possible without the support, help and the feedback of others. We express our sincere gratitude to Martin Jansen who is steering the effort for data-driven public management at the City of Utrecht. Without his commitment to responsible data practices, DEDA would not have been materialized. The input of data analysts and project managers was essential. We thank Carolina Kaitjily, Floris Fonville, Geerte van Rije, Gregor van Raalte, Hans van Impelen, Linda Scheelbeek, Ling-Po Shih for their valuable feedback, informative contributions and for participating in focus groups. Observing and inquiring the actual data practices of municipal data analysts informed and shaped DEDA.

We indebted to a group of students from the Utrecht University’s Applied Ethics programme: Aline Franzke, Luca van der Heide, Bas van der Kruk, Julius Bertasius. We also thank Gerwin van Schie, Iris Muis, Maranke Wieringa, and Christl de Kloe for feedback and copy editing, the entire team at Utrecht Data School, the participants of the ethics workshop at the Etmaal 2017 Conference at Tilburg University and the students of the RMA course Digital Ethics 2016-2017.

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