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Call for Participants | Data School Summer School 2018: ‘Studying Culture Through Data’

As of 2017 we at Data School host a Summer School in preparation of the commencing academic year. This summer we are opening up our 5-day crash course in data practices and digital methods, to students (and non-students) from outside Utrecht University as well. We are happy to invite you to the 2018 Data School summer edition that will take place at Utrecht University, from 20-08-18 to 24-08-18.

Registration: Utrecht Summer School

What will we do?

From Monday 20th of August until Friday 24th of August, we will host a full week of workshops, tutorials and presentations. Participants learn about data practices that make up so much of our everyday lives, and receive training in digital methods and the data analysis with which they can analyze these practices. During the first three days, participants get acquainted with some of the (methodological) fundamentals of Digital Humanities, like data collection, data selection, network analysis, and an introduction in Python and Tableau. Thursday and Friday will include a ‘pressure cooker’, in which participants will be working in small teams trying to apply their freshly gained skills on a small real-world case. The rest of the schedule will be filled with lectures, student-presentations, and various social activities. We conclude the Summer School with a barbeque. Successful completion of the Data School summer school will not yield the participants ECTS credits, but will be rewarded with a Data School Summer School Certificate of Participation.

Why apply?

  1. This will be the chance for humanities students and (beginning) researchers to learn about the basics of digital methods, in a hands on fashion. It will enrich your methodological understanding both practically and theoretically.
  2. This Summer School will be at entry level, and the learning curve will be steep. We are committed to the educational character of this summer school, so participants will have extensive tutelage. We truly believe that this could be the start of your Digital Humanities career!
  3. For (international) students who are enrolled in the Master’s program New Media and Digital Culture in Utrecht, but lack the computational methods skillset, or have no clear understanding what data-literate research within the humanities means, this summer school is strongly recommended. The students will get a head start on working with computational tools. The program will be complimentary to – and not overlapping with – the Master’s program.
  4. We are committed to working hard, but also to playing hard. This will be a great way to start your academic year, get to know the town, the university, and its people.

The practical stuff

Date: The summer school will be from August 20th, 2018 to 24 August, 2018. You are expected to make full office days, while the social activities afterwards are optional.
Address: The registration on the first day will be at Drift 13, at the Janskerkhof square in Utrecht. This will also be our home base for the week.
Fee: A registration fee of 1000 EUR is required for non-students. A fee of 500 EUR is applicable for students. A reduced fee of 400 EUR is applicable for UU students and accepted (pre-)master students for our MA New Media and Digital Culture.

If the Summer School is unexpectedly cancelled, participants will get a full refund.

What is included in the fee?
For all participants Data School summer school will provide:

  • Teaching and study materials
  • Welcome drinks
  • Lunch and snacks
  • A closing BBQ
  • Coffee breaks including the beverages
  • WiFi
  • A Certificate at successful completion

Data School Summer School will not provide, and you will be expected to provide for yourself:

  • A working laptop
  • Dinners
  • Accommodation is not included in the fee. Participants who are in need of accommodation during the Data School Summer School (from 20-08-18 until 25-08-18) can be accommodated by the Utrecht Summer School institution for the estimate of 200 euro for 5 days.

Deadlines & Key Dates
28-05-2018 – Open for registration
19-07-2018 – Closed for registration
27-07-2018 – Deadline for Payment

Check in Monday 20th of August 2018 at 8.30h @ Data School Dataschool at Drift 13

Application Procedure

How to apply?

If you are interested you can apply by going to the Utrecht Summer School website. Your application email should contain your (academic) background and your motivation for applying.

After the application, the applicants will receive a notification to inform you that Data School has successfully received the application. Subsequently there will be a selection procedure based on the applicant’s file. Participants will receive confirmation of admission by email before the 19th of July. The email will also provide you with further information on the Summer School and with the means to pay. Upon acceptance the applicant has until the 27th of July to comply with fee. Enrollment will be secured only after the payment is received.

Selection Procedure
Students of all disciplines are welcome! Our team consists of media and literary scholars, philosophers and sociologists – among others – who all benefit greatly from the use of digital methods, and a critical understanding of our datafied society. Although the Summer School is at entry level regarding computational methods, we do expect a certain level of academic maturity. Therefore we will not admit students with less than 67,5 ECTS at bachelor level, and encourage students who are not yet in the final stages of their bachelor to apply next year.

The number of participants will be limited to 30, so don’t wait too long to apply. The Data School reserves the right to cancel the Summer School in the event of less than 15 applicants. In that instance a complete refund will be provided.

Do you have any questions? Please email us at

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