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Costs Subscribtion
Students at Utrecht University Free Via Osiris.
Students at a Dutch University Free Via Studiepunt with proof of registration from your University.
Non-students and foreign students €775,- per practicum Via Studiepunt as contract student.
No, students/non-students of all fields are welcome.
Yes, but the Utrecht Data School is more than just a practicum. The Utrecht Data School offers two courses at Utrecht University, Practicum I and Practicum II. It is also possible to do your internship at the Utrecht Data School and you can be a research assistant.
Each practicum of the Utrecht Data School is worth 7.5 ECTS, which is equivalent to twenty hours per week. There are two sessions, both four hours, mandatory per week. The Utrecht Data School is time consuming, but practice shows that you can do a lot of work during the sessions.
Practicum I starts in block 1 and block 3 of the Utrecht University, Practicum II in block 2 and 4. Thus, you can start a complete Utrecht Data School in semester 1 as well as semester 2.
No, Practicum I is a prerequisite for Practicum II.
It is always possible to info@dataschool.nl. We will respond as soon as possible.
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