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Utrecht University’s Data School investigates how big data and AI affect citizenship and democracy, and how public management transforms. Our team of researchers and experts are working on cutting-edge projects that are shaping the future of fields such as social media research and digital ethics. In addition to merely understanding technological and social change, we develop applications for responding to challenges it constitutes. Our research produces applicable solutions such as educative formats for training and upskilling, and practical impact assessments and audits for implementing responsible data and AI practices. We are committed to producing impactful research that informs policy and practice.

Research topics

Public debates & Media Platforms

Our team of experts specializes in analysing public debates on various digital media platforms, using cutting-edge research methods to identify patterns and trends in online conversations. Whether you’re looking to explore public opinion on a particular topic or track the impact of current events on online discussions, our research methods are designed to provide insights that are both reliable and actionable.

Responsible AI & Data Practices

We investigate how algorithmisation and datafication transform democracy. But instead of formulating yet another value-framework, our team specializes in making responsible AI and data practices applicable. With a focus on digital ethics and accountability, our solutions help organizations navigate the complex landscape of AI while upholding ethical standards. Examples of tried-and-true methods are the Data Ethics Decision Aid (DEDA) and the Fundamental Rights and Algorithms Impact Assessment (FRAIA).

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We are experienced in cooperating with partners from government organisations, media industry and journalism, and advocacy groups. We seek out opportunities to investigate social and technological change where it manifests, and to develop appropriate responses together with our partners. If you want to learn more about your organisation’s future in the digital society, contact us at

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