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DEDA Remote

DEDA Remote is specially designed to be used online, remotely by a group (e.g. via MS Teams, Zoom or Skype). It is a replacement for the DEDA poster, which you use when you can meet face-to-face with a group. The corona crisis created the need to be able to facilitate an ethical deliberation process even remotely. Hence, we developed DEDA Remote in April/May 2020, tested it extensively and have since deployed it in several organisations.

DEDA Remote is an interactive PDF with ethical questions, where you can conveniently write down the answers and action points you formulate in the process. As an introduction to working with DEDA Remote, we made a knowledge clip, which provides a piece of theory on (data) ethics and values, and a practical part on how to use DEDA. The knowledge clip is currently password protected and only accessible to certain organisations in our network.

Would you like to view the knowledge clip and get started with DEDA Remote? Contact us and we can send you the supplies. Please send an e-mail to

Download DEDA Remote V2.0 (PDF, October 2022)

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