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NSS Hackathon

Dear potential applicant,

Students, data-analysts, journalists, and other interested individuals come together on March 24th and 25th for a two-day hackathon about the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS). During the hackathon we try to visualize and understand all the commotion around NSS with social media monitoring tools, data-analysis and datavisualization. The Utrecht Data School invites you to participate in this hackathon in Utrecht [Rotsoord 9].

Who can join this event?

  • For anyone interested in the NSS , regardless of technical knowledge
  • Anyone who is interested in social media monitoring and analysis
  • Individuals with an interest in datavisualization and developing tools like Tableau, Google Fusion Tables, D3 en Gephi.

Do I need technical knowledge?

Not necessary at all! This hackathon is a great opportunity to learn from each other in an informal setting. Furthermore, anyone can work with the user-friendly system of Buzzcapture, which removes the necessity of technical knowledge

What is the main purpose of the hackathon?

The NSS hackathon focuses on researching how the impact of large scale events can be interpreted from comments and reactions on social media. How do issue networks get constructed and where are these issues based? Out of this information we try to visualize the social dynamics around a large scale event like NSS. Unique for this NSS hackathon is that we will continually visualize these social dynamics live during the two-day meeting and directly give meaning to the data.

What are the research subjects?

During the hackathon we work in teams formed ad-hoc and working on multiple themes. The result of this approach is a collaboration of people with various expertise and skills, which can complement each other. In the next couple of weeks, before the hackathon you can choose on which theme you want to focus.

Rotsoord 9
3523 CL Utrecht

24 and 25 March, both days from 9:00 AM.

Is there a minimal time of participation?
No! You can choose to join us the full two days, but it is also cool if you can only participate one day or a part of a day.

About NSS

The NSS on March 24th and 25th is the third edition. This time 58 world leaders will discuss about nuclear material with three main goals: (1) reducing the amount of dangerous nuclear material in the world, (2) improving the security of all nuclear material and radioactive sources and (3) improving international cooperation. The NSS also plays a major role in the ordinary life of the Dutch citizen. Their mobility is restricted, because specific highways are closed and fewer trains will travel to The Hague. Another potential problem for the Dutch citizen concerns security risks, because the main part of the national police force is deployed in The Hague.

About Utrecht Data School and Buzzcapture

The Utrecht Data School and Buzzcapture are partners in the organization of the hackathon. The Utrecht Data School is a research project of the Utrecht University, where students make data analysis for companies and organizations.Buzzcapture is a social media monitoring company in Amsterdam.

Available facilities

  • Lunch and food during the hackathon
  • Social media monitoring software in cooperation with Buzzcapture
  • Location and workspace
  • Introduction from guest-lecturers

Sign up

Participation is (obviously) free. If you want to join mail to mike@dataschool.nl and get more information about the daily program.

Kind Regards,

Mike van Stroe
Utrecht Data School
Mail: mike@dataschool.nl
Tel: +31655933774NSS Hackathon official partners:

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